--> Bubble Soccer | Play Bubble Soccer With Your Friends On Green Terrain At Della Adventure

Bubble Soccer

location: E Zone

Play the world’s favorite game in the most fun way you can. Not only will the ball bounce off your feet but so will you off other players. Standing on your feet long enough becomes more fun when you are busy bouncing off one & other. Experience the pure joy of crashing into others and watching them fumble, stumble, bounce and fall all in one GO. The most action-packed, entertaining, delightful to watch, safest version of soccer the world has ever seen!

Try Bubble Soccer at Della Adventure Park Enjoy Bubble Soccer at Della in Lonavla Experience bubble Soccer in Lonavla Experience safest version of soccer -Bubble Soccer at Della
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Bubble Soccer

Suitable age group

6 years +

Maximum people


Time taken for this activity

10 mins

watch it in action

Coming Soon!

safety measures

  1. The minimum height needed for the activity is 4ft and above.
  2. Minimum 04 & maximum 10 people are required for this activity.
  3. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, neck or back problems, epilepsy, a neurological disorder you should not participate in the above activity.
  4. You must not be under the influence of Alcohol, Drugs or any other substance that may affect your senses.

Note: All the adventure activities are professionally handled by our experts who educate our guest about the safety measures and usability of the activity with the help of our trained Marshals.