location: C ZONE

Get your hands dirty! We mean, literally. Learn and experience a technique that has been used since olden times. After a day full of adrenaline activities, this can be your down time while you gear up for more! Della Adventure Park offers a fun filled pottery making activity with our expert potter who will guide you throughout. Spin, swirl, squish and splur - make your pot just how you like it! What more? You can take it home as a souvenir! Pottery is the process and the products of forming vessels and other objects with clay on a spinning wheel. It’s been used since ancient times and is still very much prevalent in the rural areas and as motor building activities.

Pottery Pottery Pottery Pottery Pottery
activity available in: Paid Attractions



Suitable age group

3 years +

Maximum people


Time taken for this activity

15 - 20 mins

watch it in action

Coming Soon!

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